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Hey everyone, Our Africa will be joining Ezibota for their “Need for Space” community chat, this Saturday(10/25/14)! I encourage all our followers and readers to learn more about this amazing platform that Ezibota has set up. I also extend the invite to you all to join the discussion.  I look forward to seeing you all!

-Vivian (

Ezibota “Need for Space” Community Chat

This Saturday, October 25th @ 1:00 PM ET, Ezibota will be hosting their “Need for Space” community chat; a discussion centered around Africans creating independent spaces to share their true experiences and realities. Sign up now if you’d like to be a part of this international conversation.

Our chat will be livestreamedso if you’re interested in joining the discussion off-screen you will be able to do so as you watch and contribute to the conversation through our social media channels. Be sure to share the link with family and friends who might also be interested in this discourse.

We hope to see you on Saturday and look forward to sharing your voice!

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Meet Sumaya | Author of our new column "Written Words Can Also Sing." 

Sumaya Ugas is a daughter of the Horn; a second generation Somali, born and raised in Montreal, Canada. She is currently an undergraduate student at McGill University majoring in International Development and Political Sciences, also studying towards a minor in African Studies. She sees herself as a published author and university teacher in the near future and aspires to eventually relocate to East Africa. A lover of words, she is constantly carrying a novel (or three) and writing. She is also very adamant about learning as many languages as possible: she speaks four (Somali, English, French, and very basic Arabic) and is currently learning two more (Swahili and Spanish). She is also working on a collection of short pieces of fiction.

Learn more about Sumaya and her new column on

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Ever wanted to learn some in-depth astronomy? Are textbooks worded boringly? Then good news! Stella the Star is not only hecka cute, but she’s also gonna teach you the life cycle of a Sun-like star AND you can learn all the science mumbo-jumbo words too!

This was my final project for the Astronomy class at my University a few years back, and honestly I’ve been meaning to upload it for a while now. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did creating it! c:

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